First Lords of the Fallen update on PC has been released

First Lords of the Fallen update on PC has been released by  3058 views

Lords of the Fallen game was launched only a bit more than a week ago, and its developers haven’t wasted any minute in vain and have already pleased the fans of this action-RPG with the game’s first update, but so far only for the PC version of the project.

Thus, yesterday, the employees of Deck13 Interactive and CI Games companies - the game’s developers - released the first little Lords of the Fallen update on PC, the information about which was published on the game’s Discussion page in Steam. So which problems has this patch fixed? Let’s find out it together.

According to the description on the abovementioned page in Steam, this Lords of the Fallen update - 1.02 - is not big and includes only 4 items. This patch is intended to:

1) improve the stability of the game;

2) fix the problem related to the advanced display settings, which haven’t been saved after restart.

3) fix the error with Catacombs doors, which have appeared in the incorrect places;

4) prevent the occurence of Catacombs pit issue.

This Lords of the Fallen update is already available for download, and soon the second patch, on which the developers have already been working for a while, will be released.

And while we are waiting for the second game’s patch, we suggest you watching interesting Lords of the Fallen release trailer here.

Did you like the first Lords of the Fallen update on PC? Which fixes would you like to see in the next one? Let us know below.