The first Dead Island Epidemic screenshots and information

The first Dead Island Epidemic screenshots and information by  6404 views

Announced just two weeks ago, the new project from the Dead Island developers - Dead Island Epidemic game - was demonstrated in the first few screenshots.

Deep Silver, like most of the game developers, has taken advantage of Gamescom 2013 expo, and has shared the latest information about its current project. So, in this ZOMBA-game three teams of four players will fight with each other and against the crowds of the living deads. Sometimes they even have to unite in order not to be eaten by zombies. What is the most interesting is that unlike MOBA, where the main goal is to capture and destruct the enemy base, here you will need to earn points and occupy other strategic points on the map. A dynamic targets will require you to constantly adjust your strategy. But if it isn’t enough for you, the developers have promised that Dead Island Epidemic game will get an advanced system of crafting. Not bad, isnt' it?

Deep Silver has also released the first Dead Island Epidemic screenshots in order you to have at least some impression of how the game will look like. So look at them and enjoy: