The Alien: Isolation release date has been announced

The Alien: Isolation release date has been announced by  3479 views

Recently the Alien: Isolation release date has become known. This upcoming survival-horror stealth-action game has been being developed by Creative Assembly studios since 2011.

So, according to the information, the game will be launched on October 7th for PC, current and next-gen consoles. The Alien: Isolation release date has been officially announced at EGX Rezzed 2014 in Birmingham (United Kingdom) by its publisher - SEGA.

The action is set 15 years after the events of the iconic Alien movie, directed by Ridley Scott. As it has been explained by the Creative Assembly’s creative lead - Alistar Hope - in the official PlayStation blog, the approach of creating this game was based on the desire to immerse the user into the chilling atmosphere and transfer him to the spaceship from the original film.

Hope has also stated that the Alien: Isolation game is developed with the technologies, popular in 1979, when the Alien movie was released. Creative Assembly taped all the content on VHS, then reproduced it on the CRT televisions and got the expected result.

Besides that, Alistar Hope has added that Alien: Isolation game has a lot of totally different ways to survive, that’s why the whole gameplay will depend on the player’s choice.

So, are you pleased to know the Alien: Isolation release date?