Techland told about the new Dying Light DLC

Techland told about the new Dying Light DLC by  3500 views

Recently, Techland studio has shared the latest details about the next Dying Light DLC, which is titled Bozak Horde. Also, the developers have demonstrated the first teaser of the project’s future expansion.

So, according to the official information, the launch of the new Dying Light DLC will take place very soon - on May 26th. According to Techland, the main emphasis of the new add-on is made on the cooperative walkthrough. The players will face the missions, which can be completed only by a team of four very experienced gamers.

The next Dying Light DLC will include the following content:

  • an additional mode;
  • an unexplored location - Harran Stadium;
  • a new character - Bozak, - in honor of whom this expansion is titled.

The players who will conquer a horde of the walking deads successfully will get a special stealth weapon - a cool hunting bow - as a reward. By completing some other tasks, the gamers will also be able to unlock the new types of arrows (electric, explosive, incendiary, etc.).

The forthcoming Dying Light DLC is a part of the project’s Season Pass, however, it’s available as a separate purchase as well. It’s priced at $9.99.

And finally, we offer you to watch the Bozak Horde DLC’s trailer, the plot of which is very familiar to the Saw movie’s one.