Still more games with discounts from!

Still more games with discounts from! by  3607 views

The next weekend has almost come, and it means that you’ll have lots of time to improve your game results! Increase the number of the finished projects already today thanks to the weekly sale from, which gives you the unique opportunity to purchase a lot of interesting games with huge discounts. Go to Steam, Origin or Uplay, look at the prices on these sites, and anyway you will come back to, because here the games, mentioned thereunder, are cheaper!

So, this weekend you can buy such projects as:

1) Watch Dogs Uplay Global costs €59,99;

2) Murdered: Soul Suspect - €39,99;

3) Football Manager 2014 (EU/US) is available for €49,99;

4) Dark Souls 2 Global can be purchased for €49,99;

5) Enemy Front  - €29,99;

6)  Wildstar (30 days Prepaid) now costs €12,99;

7) Watch Dogs Bonus Packs - €4,99;

8) The Elder Scrolls Online Global  - €54,99;

9) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning game is available for €5,99;

10) Call of Duty: MW2 - €24,99;

11) Wildstar Standard (EU)  - €44,99;

12) Command and Conquer Complete Edition will cost you €22,17;

13) Saints Row 4 - €39,99.


All these games are available here. The share will begin today - on the 13th of June - at 15:00 GMT and it will end on Monday - on the 16th of June - at the same time. Enlarge your game’s collection already today!

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