Star Wars: Battlefront game has got the new details and screenshots

Star Wars: Battlefront game has got the new details and screenshots by  2968 views

As the developers promised before, on Friday, the debut trailer of the anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront game was presented. You can appraise it by following this link. And in addition to the demonstrated video, some new details and several fresh screenshots of the future shooter from EA and DICE companies appeared online.

The Star Wars: Battlefront game will tell about the events, which take place along with a story of the original Star Wars trilogy. The players will have to choose one side between the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. There will be four planets with numerous different maps: Endor (covered with forests), snowy Hoth, Sullust and Tatooine. The gamers will be able to try the roles of many various characters, however only two of them - Darth Vader and Boba Fett - are known so far.

As the developers have reported, the Star Wars: Battlefront game won’t have the traditional single-player campaign. The project will focus on the multiplayer missions, which will be designed for 8-40 players. Besides, the Star Wars: Battlefront game will contain many tasks for the offline mode. The last ones can be completed both alone and with friends. And in order to make the gameplay more comfortable, the shooter’s creators have added an ability to switch between the first and third-person views.

Also, EA and DICE have shared the information about the first Star Wars: Battlefront DLC. It will come out within a week once the project is officially released on November 17th. This expansion is titled Battle of Jakku in honor of the desert planet that is demonstrated in the latest Star Wars: Episode VII trailer. Thus, the launch of the first Star Wars: Battlefront DLC, which is planned on December 8th, will be dedicated to the film’s premiere. The players who want to try the new add-on one week earlier that the rest (starting from December 1st) can do this by making the pre-order of the upcoming shooter already now.

And in conclusion, we’d like to share with you several latest screenshots of the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game: