Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game could be awesome (video)

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game could be awesome (video) by  6804 views
A few days ago Kotaku published a major review about unfortunately closed LucasArts games where they revealed some details about unfinished projects. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was supposed to be a good alternative to Battlefield and Call of Duty series, not only for fans of the universe and George Lucas films, but also for fans of shooters and online battles.

 The Star Wars First Assault, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, Star Wars in 1313 almost no hope to be released after the dissolution of these developers’ teams, because Disney is not going to sell these projects. Perhaps this media company already has ideas or some materials related with the Star Wars: Episode VII movie release. We would like to show you the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer (sorry, but there’s no sound) that shows lots of vehicles, action and interesting locations.

It is currently known that the head of Obsidian Entertainment, Feargus Urquhart, in an interview, said that they would like to finish these projects, as they already have experience in similar games creation (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2). Whether these words are just words or a companies will actually negotiate, is still unknown.
Who, in your opinion, among the developers and publishers are worth to complete the Battlefront 3 and other Star Wars games like LucasArts?