Some new Watch Dogs details have appeared

Some new Watch Dogs details have appeared by  2418 views

Recently the project’s creative director - Jonathan Morin - has had a very lively conversation with the users, who eagerly anticipate the release of the upcoming action-adventure, in his Twitter. During the dialog Morin has revealed some interesting Watch Dogs details, and we want to share this fresh information with you, dear readers.

So, the first and the main news is that, unfortunately, Watch Dogs demo has been cancelled. In reply to the users’ questions Morin has stressed that this process takes a lot of time, and now the developers are focused on the game itself. However, despite the absence of the Watch Dogs demo, in advance of the action’s release the players will get more fresh footage.


Besides that, some more Watch Dogs details about its gameplay have appeared. Thus, in one of Morin’s tweets he said that the multiplayer will include the timer, so the gamers will have enough time to make a plan for tracking their victim. Let us remind you that during the multiplayer game the users will have an ability to hack each other and steal the money. Such chasings can last for 20-30 minutes.


Answering the numerous fans’ questions, Jonathan Morin has also noted that his team has already finalized the definition and the frame-rate of the game to port it on PS4 and Xbox One. However he hasn’t specified the exact characteristics. But we hope that the developers will satisfy the players’ expectations and will use the potential of the next-gen consoles to maximum.

So, is the Watch Dogs demo necessary or not? What do you think about such news? We’ll be glad to see your comments below.