Some new information about Destiny has appeared

Some new information about Destiny has appeared by  4642 views

Recently at the official project site some new information about Destiny - the upcoming sci-fi shooter - has appeared. And we want to share it with you, dear friends.

So, let’s start in order. Bungie has published several fresh Destiny screenshots, which show us four game’s locations: Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. These are the places, where the events of the shooter will be set.


More screenshots you can find in our Facebook community.

The Destiny screenshots also present the strange sphere in the air above the Earth. The users have had a lot of questions about this ball, and now the developers have shared some details of its mysterious story.

The sphere is called the Traveler. With its appearance the atmosphere on the heavenly bodies around the Earth has started to change. Moon, Venus and Mars have got the conditions, suitable for the living, so the people were able to create their colonies on other planets. But now these settlements are ruined and occupied by some unknown alien “guests”, which came from space. The players will have to defend the colonies and get rid of the unexpected visitors.

Besides the information about the locations, Bungie has presented the new Destiny trailer, which reveals three classes of the Guardians, available for the gamers: Titans, Warlocks and Hunters. The developers will even create the customization system for these characters. As a result, the players will be able to change the skins, the types of weapon and the equipment of the heroes.

The fresh Destiny trailer also shows the short gameplay episodes and the abilities of the Guardians.

And finally we will share with you some information about the alien invaders from the upcoming shooter. The Destiny screenshots, published below, present four enemy classes:

- Cabal - the professional and strictly disciplined military troops;


- Hive - the creatures, which are able to manipulate the physical world;


- Vex - the cruel deadly robots, made from the unknown metal;


- Fallen - the strong enduring creatures, which can live in any conditions without the modification.


Let us remind you that Destiny game is to be released on September 9th, 2014.

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