Slightly Mad Studios has announced the new Project CARS 2 game

Slightly Mad Studios has announced the new Project CARS 2 game by  2927 views

Following the recent release of the Project CARS racing simulator, Slightly Mad Studios company has already announced its sequel. According to the developers, Project CARS 2 game will be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. But here’s one interesting moment.

A part of money for the future project will be collected via World of Mass Development crowdfunding platform. Besides, Slightly Mad Studios team is planning to discuss the process of the game’s creation on the forums and accept the feedbacks from the players. However, for the current moment, there’s no specific information concerning how much time the development of Project CARS 2 game will take and when it’s going to hit the listed platforms.

On the abovementioned site, the studio has also told about the key features of the upcoming project. So, Project CARS 2 game will include:

  • a wide variety of tracks - about 50 unique locations and more than 200 various types of races (day/night ones, in the dirt, on a gravel road, while it’s snowing, etc.);
  • an ability to build a career as a driver swap, a teammate driver, a spotter or a co-pilot;
  • more than 200 autos from 40 various vehicles classes, including concept cars and banned racing automobiles;
  • 8 disciplines (rallycross, touge, hillclimbs, etc.);
  • an ability to create and adjust your own track in order to test sports cars;
  • various online events and competitions, in which the players from all over the world can participate;
  • different races and special leagues for the experienced players as well as online broadcast of the tournaments.

Also, Slightly Mad Studios has reported that the creation of Project CARS 2 won’t influence on support and development of the first part in the series. The original project will continue getting various add-ons and updates. By the way, many players have reacted to the announcement very negatively. According to them, the previous instalment is far from being perfect and has several major bugs that must be fixed first. So, do you think that it’s too soon to develop the next project in the series as well? Are you interested in Project CARS 2 game?