SimCity 5 will be the new f2p business principles testing

SimCity 5 will be the new f2p business principles testing by  6588 views
Electronic Arts has decided to make the ground for  using SimCity 5. The first step in system will be one of its main functionalities - microtransactions. The essence of this concept is known to any MMO player, and for those who have not experienced it, we tell you more.


To distribute the game absolutely free, but still receive the income it’s necessary to organize a system of internal purchases with a rather low value and attractive to the players. For SimCity 5, for instance, it’s likely to be buying unique buildings revenue, factories or power plants less polluting and land or improvements for police, ambulance, fire brigade and other departments. Also it can be an easy way to change the landscape or buy the communications systems with extreme durability.

Although due to the fact that the game has yet to fly, and domestic buying too much influence on the balance ( too rare and significant weapons improvement appeared in Dead Space 3), many players evince dissatisfaction and create petitions, and the most radical make the pre-orders abolition .
What we will really see in SimCity 5, we learn, probably after the official release on March 5-7 2013.