Ryse: Son of Rome story trailer has appeared in the network

Ryse: Son of Rome story trailer has appeared in the network by  3719 views

Ryse: Son of Rome game, one of the Xbox One’s exclusives, will be released very soon, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the network is full of different videos, telling us about the various moments of this project.

So, yesterday another such video appeared on Gamespot site. At this time a new Ryse: Son of Rome trailer reveals the root cause of all the events taking place in this game. We learn that the protagonist - Marius Titus - a talented and strong combat leader, lost all his family, who was brutally murdered by the barbarians. And to avenge their deaths, he gathers together a powerful army of loyal to Rome soldiers, who sweep away everything in their way, expanding the already vast areas of ancient Rome and brutally imposing a civilized way of life to the barbarians. Rome, which you will see in the game, thanks to a new game engine and advanced technologies of Xbox One, turns into a completely real living world, where everything is possible.

The story begins, and Rome, absorbed by internal political strifes, comes into chaos. And Marius, still naively believes that "Rome is civilization, Rome is order, Rome - is power." But whether it is true or not, you’ll be able to learn, beginnig your war in this action-adventure. And while we are waiting for the game’s release, we advise you to watch this new bright Ryse: Son of Rome trailer:

Ryse: Son of Rome game will be launched on the 22 of November in Europe.