Ryse: Son of Rome game gets two updates - free and paid

Ryse: Son of Rome game gets two updates - free and paid by  4853 views

Today the developers have announced that Ryse: Son of Rome is getting two updates that will expand the game's Gladiator mode. The first one will add two level events, which are free for all gamers, and the second one features skins and arenas for about $4.

A free update of the Xbox One exclusive includes two new level events - the things that appear on the arena during the battle and help or bother you. The first event - enemy turret - will be firing the Gladiator with mortal arrows. The second one - Reward Statue - can be used as a one-time bonus that boosts the health or other parameter of your hero.


The paid update of Ryse: Son of Rome game consists of two arenas and two skins for Gladiator. The first arena is a beautiful forest swarming with barbarians. The second one looks like hell because you will need to fight on the burning surface. The skins will allow you to decorate the armor of Gladiator.

Both updates will be available today. The level events are free, but to get new arenas and skins you will need to pay $3.99.