Ryse: Son of Rome game has got Season Pass and the first episode of live-action series

Ryse: Son of Rome game has got Season Pass and the first episode of live-action series by  3111 views

Microsoft company, the publisher of Ryse: Son of Rome game, doesn’t sit idly and actively promotes its upcoming project and shares new information about it.

So, yesterday the first of three planned episodes of "The Fall" series which is based on Ryse: Son of Rome game appeared in the network. The first part of this live-action series is called "Funeral" and demonstrates, as you've probably guessed, the funeral of the protagonist’s (Marius Titus) family. We have previously reported that the reason for such a fierce Marius’ battle with all the barbarians is the murder of his family, but now you can see with your own eyes, how it has happened, you can experience the horror of the events and even feel the sense of grievous protagonist’ loss. But this video also has some interesting thing: the plausible procedure of noble Romans’ funeral, and Marius Titus who looks younger than in the game. But we will not torment you anymore, that’s why we just offer to watch the first episode of "The Fall" series, and if you want to share some your emotions or ideas after watching it, then you can leave the comments at the bottom of the page.

In addition, Microsoft has announced Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass, which costs $20. According to the publisher, this season pass will include four additions, an exclusive sword and a shield for game’s multiplayer. Microsoft’s employees have also told that these DLCs will bring 14 multiplayer maps, co-op mode, sets of clothes for the characters, as well as new weapons and armor into the game. In the new game’s mode you’ll have to fight against different opponents in the arena of the Colosseum, moreover the entourage of place where the battles take place, can be to change. This offer seems to be a pretty interesting, but it’s up to you to decide whether to buy Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass or not.

Ryse: Son of Rome game will be launched in Europe on November 29 for PS4.