Ryse: Son of Rome game has got another trailer

Ryse: Son of Rome game has got another trailer by  2461 views

Ryse: Son of Rome game, one of Xbox One exclusive (which has already become gold), will be launched very soon, so it is not surprising at all that lots of new game’s videos or other interesting information about the project appear in the network.

Thus, the next such Ryse: Son of Rome video, demonstrated by IGN, is called "The Haunted Swamps". In this trailer, the developers of this action-adventure show us a quite eerie abode of the barbarians, who are beyond the reach of Rome and even some primitive notions of civilization. According to the video, a huge army of barbarians lives in the haunted swamps, populated by thousands of ghosts - the spirits of those who were killed there or sacrificed to the pagan gods. It's an incredibly creepy place, looking at which your blood turns to ice, and you will never want to see it in a real life. The seas of blood, the corpses of Roman soldiers, the darkness and the totalising fear - this is what you see and feel being in the abode of the barbarians. That’s why, in our opinion, the developers have managed to capture the atmosphere and the state of the world of that time, which was inhabited for the most part by the not civilized tribes. And watching the following Ryse: Son of Rome video, you will surely understand what awaits you in the game, and will be ready for the brutal and bloody struggle with the barbarians, which will begin on November 22. Good luck!