Play as Sigourney Weaver in the Alien: Isolation DLC

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As it has been announced today, the developers are working on an Alien: Isolation DLC, which recreates the scenes of the original movie in this extremely popular franchise. To play as Ellen Ripley or several other crew members, you just need to pre-order the game and wait until the 7th of October.

As we have already reported, Alien: Isolation game will give you a chance to play as an Ellen Ripley's daughter, the story of whom hasn't been revealed in the movies. And only those, who pre-order the game, will get its special edition, which consists of two missions. Each one is devoted to the iconic movie in the series, which was released in 1979, and is voiced by its original cast!

The first mission of the Alien: Isolation DLC takes place just after the death of Brett. You will be able to play a role of Ellen, Dallas or Parker and try to fight against the monster, which has occupied the spaceship. Moreover, each character will have a different perspective of what is happening and will get various resources, so you can play the mission three times and it still won't be boring.

Alien: Isolation DLC

In the second mission of the Alien: Isolation DLC, you will play as Ellen Ripley and will be trying to relive the final scenes of the original movie. You will need to activate the destruction of the spaceship and escape using the shuttle.

Alien: Isolation DLC

What do you think about Alien: Isolation DLC and the game itself? Would you like to pre-order it? Write us in the comments below. And if you are a fan of all Ridley Scott's movies and not only the Alien franchise, then don't forget to visit our previous article, in which we have shown the trailer and the posters of his new movie.