One more Street Fighter V character is revealed

One more Street Fighter V character is revealed by  2454 views

The future instalment in the Street Fighter game series continues getting new heroes. Thus, recently, one more Street Fighter V character named Necalli has been presented. He’s an absolutely new fighter, which the future project will get. In general, there will be four such ones. Let us remind you that earlier the developers revealed the heroes that are known by the previous parts of the franchise.

According to the official information, the announced Street Fighter V character will demonstrate the same power and agility as the veterans of the series do. He not only has the wild character but also can cause lots of damage by using his special capture maneuvers as well as quick and powerful kicks. Despite the fact that the developers haven’t revealed any details of Necalli’s biography, they have told about his combat mechanics. Thus, for example, this Street Fighter V character can kick the ground with both his fists, and it causes an incredible explosion. Thanks to another skill, Necalli fills up with some unknown energy, which changes his hair color and personality for a short period of time. Watch this trailer to appraise the presented fighter:

In our FB community, you can find many screenshots with this hero as well.

By the way, the new Street Fighter V character is not all that Capcom company has announced. The creators of the future game have also told about some changes in the policy of the series. As it’s reported, all project’s updates will be available for download absolutely for free. And in order to get the additional characters, the players will have to pay the virtual currency - Fight Money (earned during the game) and Zenny (can be purchased for the real money). Also, it has been confirmed that at launch Street Fighter V will include 16 unlocked heroes.

Let us remind you that the next part in the popular fighting game series will hit PC and PS4 in spring 2016. And in three days - on July 23rd, - the project’s beta on the Sony’s current-gen console will start.

So, do you like the new Street Fighter V character?