New Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots were revealed

New Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots were revealed by  5079 views

Last week the developers had rather bad news for Wolfenstein fans. As we have already reported the release date of Wolfenstein: The New Order was postponed, and it became known that the game will reach the shops only next year. But today we are going to please you with new Wolfenstein screenshots, that appeared in the network yesterday.

New Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots mostly demonstrate your enemies with their severe facial expression, dangerous weapons and extremely scary machines. Also there is one shot that shows the dying from your bullets soldiers from the first-person view.







Wolfenstein: The New Order is a shooter and a part of famous game series. The events of the project take place a few years after the World War II, in which Germany has won the victory. Now all the Europe is conquered, but with your help lots of people will get their freedom back. If you want to find more about this game, watch Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer that was revealed during the E3 expo.