New Watch Dogs trailer has appeared

New Watch Dogs trailer has appeared by  3560 views

Ubisoft company continues teasing its fans with new videos of the upcoming action-adventure, which is going to be released very soon - on May 27th - on PC, current and next-gen consoles. Thus, yesterday the fresh 9-minute long Watch Dogs trailer was published. It reveals some details of the game’s multiplayer mode.

According to Colin Graham - the project’s animation director, who comments this Watch Dogs trailer, - the events in the multiplayer will be set in the same world as in the single-player mode. Even playing alone, the gamers will be able to get in touch with other users in order to help or disturb them.

All the members of the game process connect with each other by three methods: the online hacking, the mobile apps and the decrypting. While exploring the world, the gamers will get a chance to accept the special requests, titled contracts, to join the game of other different users.

The new Watch Dogs trailer also demonstrates the episode, which explains in which way your character can be hacked. According to the video, you will receive the notification, after which the invader needs to be identified to stop the attack. As we see, in order to find the enemy, Graham makes several shots in the air. By doing this he tries to figure out who will not behave like a simple citizen.

Besides all the information mentioned above, the fresh Watch Dogs trailer includes more interesting episodes, which are worth watching. As they say, it’s better to see once than to read several times. So we offer you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy this video right now:

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