New Watch Dogs screenshots and details were revealed

New Watch Dogs screenshots and details were revealed by  3032 views

Highly anticipated and previously delayed Watch Dogs game today has got three new screenshots, which show how fantastic the project's graphics will be. Also the developers have told the surprising details about how the game's developments started several years ago.

The first version of Watch Dogs wasn't actually the Watch Dogs game. The developers were working on the new driving engine, bought the licenses and were going to create an interesting racing project, in which the gamers would have an opportunity to leave the car and to do something on the streets. However, after long months of the development Ubisoft's management understood that something is wrong, the idea is not new and the game needs to be changed.

At the same time several new developers joined the team and suggested creating completely another game, in which you will be hacking the huge city's system. This concept later turned into Watch Dogs game, which is now under development at Ubisoft.

Of course, we can't say that this project is a previously developed driving game, but it means that in Watch Dogs game the pursuits will be really cool.

There are no hints at races in the new Watch Dogs screenshots, but still they are very cool, and we advise you to look at them below: