New Thief screenshots show the game's first mission

New Thief screenshots show the game's first mission by  4714 views

Thief game is not just about stealing - the most impressive part of this project is its atmosphere. In Thief game you can plunge into the dark streets of amazing city and feel its breath behind your back. And while the game is under development, you can do it using the newly released screenshots.

Yesterday the developers decided that they haven't reported about Thief game for ages, so they showed us its new concept arts and screenshots. All newly revealed pictures describe the locations and the non-playable characters from the game's first mission - Lockdown. On this level you will meet Baron - the antagonist of the game - who spreads a special poison around the city. This poison causes the terrible nightmares and other mental disorders, but with your help the citizens will be able to breathe freely again.

To see this and other missions of Thief game, you need to wait until the 25th of February, 2014, but already now you can look at the game's new screenshots and concept arts that appeared in the network yesterday. Enjoy!