New The Division video tells about game engine

New The Division video tells about game engine by  3413 views

Following a small teaser shown in the middle of last week, the project’s developers have presented The Division trailer, in which they have told and shown how a new game’s engine - Snowdrop - looks like and what it allows doing in this action.

If we believe the video, then it turns out that the new engine is something completely revolutionary in the world of video games. Snowdrop, developed by Ubisoft Massive company, aims to create the most detailed and wide world of Tom Clancy's The Division game. This engine copes with the day and night alternation, the lighting that not only responds to any changes in the environment, but also interacts with the objects around. The developers of Snowdrop haven’t forgotten about the impact of weather conditions on the world in general and on some objects, so at some point it may even seem that you are in the real world and not in the game’s one. And though we think that it’s really awesome and promising future for the video game industry, we would like you to have your own opinion about Snowdrop, and therefore we suggest you to watch new The Division trailer, shown in the best quality:

In addition a few fresh Tom Clancy's The Division screenshots have appeared in the network today. We are glad to share them with you, so enjoy!


The Division game is being developed for next-generation consoles and PC and is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2014.