New The Division screenshot shows the female character

New The Division screenshot shows the female character by  4529 views

This upcoming online third-person shooter with the elements of action-RPG has already become popular among gamers due to its awesome graphics. The newly published The Division screenshot again proves the fact that this shooter will be amazingly good-looking.

Yesterday, Ubisoft decided to please the fans of Tom Clancy brand and published marvelous The Division screenshot via the social networks. The new image introduces us to the female character of the upcoming shooter; however, we still don’t know her name and role. Together with this girl, we can see the already familiar male protagonist and the gloomy landscape.

As you may already have heard, The Division game will tell us the eerie story of the post-apocalyptic USA. And the signs of this catastrophe are noticeable on the new image. The girl, depicted on it, wears the mask that filters the polluted air, while lots of dead bodies on the background hint at the necessity of this thing.

And of course, fresh The Division screenshot reminds us how innovative Snowdrop engine is and how great the game’s graphics should be. Enjoy the new image and tell us about your impressions in the comments below.

The Division screenshot

The Division game will be released in late 2014 or even at the beginning of 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.