New SimCity 5 developers diary

New SimCity 5 developers diary by  7759 views
SimCity 5 (2013) will be much more detailed, interesting and logically deeper than its predecessors. The game raises the building simulators bar so high that concurents will have to try hard to even reach it.

As we said earlier, the new part will have a full-fledged multiplayer mode, which will evolve dynamically by neighbors. A new gameplay video with chief project designer spoke about the importance of improving the buildings, as well as how interesting and important help from other cities in your area. Also, you are free to establish a number of cities and develop a region or state, but it will be pretty expensive.


In 2013, SimCity will not only graphically the new and more advanced in terms of statistics and economics. Users will have to follow many parameters to their city successfully grow and develop.

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