New Project CARS video demonstrates how beautiful the game will be

New Project CARS video demonstrates how beautiful the game will be by  2613 views

Last Friday, we told you about the game’s system requirements, and now hasten to share the fresh Project CARS video.

This Project CARS video wasn’t presented by project’s developers, but was created by one of this racing simulator’s fans. Youtube’s user with a nickname DigiProst has decided to demonstrate how amazing this game will be, or to be more exact, its graphic component, and has published Project CARS video, which lasts a bit more than 2 minutes.


This trailer is a comparison between the virtual race in this game and the real one. And according to the video, the difference between them is so small that only a very attentive viewer can notice it. The trees, the track, the car, the environment are recreated so good in the game that sometimes you can mix up  the virtual world and the real one easily. The only thing, which helps us to distinguish them, concerns the racer, or to be more exact, the movements of his head and hands.

We can describe the good moments of this game for a long time, but instead we offer you to watch fresh Project CARS video, published below, and then write about your impressions in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Project CARS game will be launched on the next-gen consoles, PC and SteamOS in the November, on Wii U this racing simulator will appear at the beginning of 2015.