New Project Cars screenshots have appeared in the network

New Project Cars screenshots have appeared in the network by  2440 views

If you're a fan of quality games in the genre of racing simulator and are interested in the upcoming Project Cars, then today we have for you some fresh information about the latter one.

Thus, the project’s developer - Slightly Mad Studios - has apparently decided that it hasn’t informed us about its new game for a long time, and that’s why new Project Cars screenshots, taken from its PC version, were released yesterday. On new images (there are more than forty ones) you can see a variety of luxury sports cars, among which there is even cool Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, which was produced in the amount of only 5 models in the world. Besides it, fresh screenshots, presented below, demonstrate us the very good graphics, which, we hope, will remain the same in the final game’s version. And of course, a couple of racing tracks and some beautiful landscapes are also depicted on these images. So you can see with your own eyes all of the abovementioned on the pictures published below (all screenshots are available in our FB community).


We would also like to remind you that Project Cars game is being developed for PC, Steam OS, Wii U and next-gen consoles. We don’t know the exact project’s release date, but it is sheduled to be launched sometime in Q3/Q4 2014.