New PES 2015 screenshots and videos appeared in the network

New PES 2015 screenshots and videos appeared in the network by  3665 views

Only yesterday, we told you, when the next instalment in the popular Pro Evolution Soccer game series will be released and showed its official box art, and already today we hasten to present you fresh PES 2015 screenshots and videos.

Let’s start with the videos. Yesterday, during Gamescom, some lucky guys managed to try the new part in this series, they not only played a couple of matches, but also recordered them. That’s why today we are happy to present you two new PES 2015 gameplay videos.

The first PES 2015 video, which lasts more than 11 minutes, shows us an exciting match between Germany and Brazil national teams. But besides the “fight” on the football field, it’s quite interesting to look at the settings of the upcoming game and the whole menu, which, as it seems to us, will rejoice the fans of the franchise this year.

The second PES 2015 video is a bit shorter and recorded in better quality. Here you will see not only the cool and intense play between two teams of Netherlands, but also lots of other interesting gameplay’s details. So watch this reel and do not forget to write your comments at the bottom of the page.  

And the last thing, which we would like to show you today, is fresh PES 2015 screenshots. On these pictures, the main menu and the settings of My Club mode are depicted.


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