New PES 2014 update is released

New PES 2014 update is released by  9195 views

If you are the owner of Xbox 360 console and have already played Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, then you should know that this game’s version had a lot of problems with multiplayer and some online functionality. But all this is now behind due to new PES 2014 update, which Konami, the publisher and the developer of this football simulator, has prepared for the owners of Xbox 360 game version.

Thus, according to the official information, this PES 2014 update is available since yesterday and it will be automatically installed in the game as soon as you connect to the Internet. Besides the fact that this patch will fix the bugs related to the multiplayer mode, it will also bring the correct working online mode, Master League Online and fix the problems associated with the previous game’s update. So, dear fans of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, who own Xbox 360 game version, now you can safely proceed to winning the title of the best player and team on the fields of this football simulator.

In addition it was reported that the next PES 2014 update would be released in November and would bring a full 11vs11 online mode, which is currently in beta, as well as improvements of up to 800 player face, the updated lists and some other fixes based on user feedback.