New PES 2014 trailer looks amazing

New PES 2014 trailer looks amazing by  5288 views

It seems that this year’s Pro Evolution Soccer will be the winner in the eternal competition of football simulators or at least will make a great leap in its development. A few days ago Konami published new PES 2014 trailer that shows the beauty and the power of the upcoming game.

In new official PES 2014 trailer we can see the main game’s features and innovations. The first thing that catches our eyes is a stunning graphics. The faces of the footballers are greatly redesigned, and now you will be able to see even their emotions and the drops of sweat on their foreheads. The balls, grass, hair and details of the kits look amazing too. Also the stadiums will get the new appearance that will be changed according to the weather and time of the day.


In PES 2014 trailer the developers promised to introduce to us the new era of realistic football. Full control of the ball, great animations, players’ interactions and new tactics will be available in the game. Also the team play will be on the next level of quality, and you will be able to create interesting tactics involving up to 3 footballers. And in the end of the PES 2014 trailer the developers ensured us that very popular in last year’s game Player ID feature will be upgraded in new PES, and the emotions of the players will differ depending on the home or away play.

We could tell you much more, but seeing is believing, so enjoy PES 2014 trailer and tell us about your impressions in the comments below.