New peculiar Ryse: Son of Rome videos

New peculiar Ryse: Son of Rome videos by  3093 views

Ryse: Son of Rome game - one of the Xbox One’s exclusives that will soon hit our stores - in the last two days got two pretty interesting trailers.

In the first Ryse: Son of Rome video, that was released yesterday, Tony Swatton - a skilled blacksmith and a weapons maker for many well-known movies - told how the traditional weapons and almost all the armor of era of Rome’s prosperity were forged, what metal was used to make them and what their main goals were. So if you are wondering how to make the swords, the shields, the helmets and the armor, then you just need to watch Ryse: Son of Rome video, entitled "Forging the Armor and Weapons":

In addition today another one commercial Ryse: Son of Rome video that is called "Path of Vengeance" has been published. This is quite bright and specific trailer combines cinematic and live-action elements, that makes this video even more vivid, intense and interesting. Here you will see Marius Titus, the game’s protagonist, in all his frightening brutality - he spares no one, and his glory of the ruthless warrior is far ahead of the hero, that makes the blood of his enemies turns to ice. Feel the future game’s atmosphere, watching fresh Ryse: Son of Rome TV spot:

In the meantime, we are reminding that Ryse: Son of Rome game will be released at the end of next month for the Microsoft’s next-gen console.