New Mass Effect 4 details have been revealed

New Mass Effect 4 details have been revealed by  4590 views

As BioWare company promised earlier, at the studio’s press conference during Comic-Con last weekend, some new Mass Effect 4 details were revealed, and also the project’s first concept arts were shown.

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that for the current moment Mass Effect 4 game has only the working title, and the release date of the future action-RPG is still a secret. But it hasn’t prevented the developers from sharing a lot of interesting information about the next instalment in the popular game series.

So, the Mass Effect 4 game will include the upgraded infantry fighting vehicle - Mako, - which the fans of the franchise must remember from the first part of the series. This time, the IFV looks much different from its predecessor and has the improved characteristics. Mako will become a true companion for the gamers, because, according to BioWare, the Mass Effect 4 game will contain the large locations to explore. Besides that, the players will be able to customize this vehicle the way they like.


So, which other Mass Effect 4 details have the developers revealed? As it has been reported many times before, Commander Shepard won’t be the future project’s protagonist. But BioWare has stated that after all, the main character will be a human. Also, some well-known alien races will come back to the game.

As a proof that the main heroes will belong to the human class, the developers have shown the concept art of the male and female characters, which you can see below.


They have emphasized that before the project is launched, the armour’s design might change not even once. And this may mean that the action-RPG’s release won’t take place in the near future.

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