New Life is Strange game has been announced

New Life is Strange game has been announced by  2185 views

Square Enix company has announced the new Life is Strange game at its official blog. This project is being developed by the French studio - Dontnod Entertainment, - which is famous for creation of the action-adventure titled Remember Me.

According to Square Enix, the new episodic adventure will be launched on PC, current and next-gen consoles. It will differ both in gameplay and narrative from the publisher’s other projects.

The Life is Strange game will tell the story of the student - Max Caulfield - who comes back to her native Arcadia Bay town in Oregon after five years of absence. She finds out that her old school mate - Rachel Amber - has gone under some very strange consequences. With the help of her friend Chloe, the main heroine tries to solve the mystery, but suddenly discovers that she has a gift to rewind back time and change the past. According to the developers, such power will play a key role in the plot.

Also, Square Enix has published the first concept art of Max and three more screenshots of the new project, on which we can see Chloe. The images look amazing. It’s worth mentioning that each game’s texture will be hand-drawn.


For the current moment, the Life is Strange game hasn’t received any exact release date. But it will be presented at gamescom 2014, where the journalists will get a chance to see the adventure’s gameplay for the first time.

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