New H1Z1 trailer has been revealed

New H1Z1 trailer has been revealed by  2487 views

H1Z1 game, which is being developed in the genres of MMO and survival horror, was announced a couple of weeks ago, but it has already managed to get some new screenshots and video. And today we would like to present you another one fresh H1Z1 trailer. 

Although the new project’s video appeared last week, it has been found out by one of the Reddit’s user - Morhaus - only recently, due to the trailer’s private settings, which have restricted access to it. Fresh H1Z1 trailer, titled Will you survive the night?, shows us a walk in the cemetry at night. Although the video lasts just a minute, even during this short lap of time we are able to feel the upcoming game’s atmosphere and to imagine what awaits us there. As the main character moves around the cemetery, we not only see the different zombies - the main enemies in the upcoming survival horror, - but we also feel (thanks to the properly selected sound accompaniment) that something terrible and dangerous is about to happen. And really, at the end of the video the protagonist has been unexpectedly attacked. By whom? We advise you to find out it, watching this fresh H1Z1 trailer, published below.

Let us remind you that H1Z1 game will be free-to-play, and it will appear in Steam Early Access already in May.

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