New H1Z1 game has been announced

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Yesterday Sony Online Entertainment company announced its new H1Z1 game - the MMO, which is being developed for PC and PS4. The studio’s president - John Smedley - said that the project will be free-to-play, but if the gamers anticipate to play it now, they can get this MMO in Steam Early Access in 4-6 weeks for $20.

According to the information, the H1Z1 game will present a big post-apocalyptic world, which includes the different areas from the cities and towns to the forests and valleys. The project will be set after 15 years since the terrible deadly virus has affected the humanity and has left nothing but the destructed buildings and lots of zombies. The players will have to do their best and try to survive among these creatures, risen from the dead.

Besides that, John Smedley has stated that the H1Z1 game will differ from the other similar projects in the survival horror genre by some new features. This MMO is being developed on the base of the Forgelight engine, which helps to support about 2,000 players on the servers at one time.

The H1Z1 game will present various social features for the gamers: the voice chats, the ability to organize some groups and gangs, to create the characters and different types of weapon for them, including the Molotov cocktails, the bombs, etc. Also the players will get the possibility to make the shelters from the resources that they will find and to cooperate with other users to build the fortress, defending from the zombies.

And what do you think about the upcoming project? Are you interested in the H1Z1 game? We’ll be glad to see your comments below.


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