New FIFA 15 trailer demonstrates the visual effects of the game

New FIFA 15 trailer demonstrates the visual effects of the game by  4627 views

The next instalment in the most popular series of football simulators is going to be extremely realistic. In order to prove this fact, yesterday, the developers published fresh FIFA 15 trailer, which shows us several exciting innovations of the upcoming game's graphics. Let's watch it together.

FIFA 15 trailer shows game's graphics

The latest FIFA 15 trailer is devoted to the visual effects of the new football simulator. According to the video, the faces of the players will be much more realistic this year. Also, you can see how similar to the original people they are. The developers are working hard to make the footballers look naturally, just like in the real football match. And according to the new FIFA 15 trailer, they have succeeded.

Another interesting moment, which was shown in the FIFA 15 trailer, is the breathing of the players. As you may see, the footballers breath deeply, when the tension of the game goes up. Also, pay attention to the hair of the characters: it moves when they are running.

The environment will become more realistic too, according to the fresh FIFA 15 trailer. The net shudders, when the ball strikes the goal, and the corner flags react to the moves on the field. All other innovations and the presentation about the upgraded graphics can be watch in the FIFA 15 trailer below. Enjoy!

FIFA 15 will be released on the 23rd of September in North America, on the 25th of September in Europe and in a day - in the United Kingdom. Did you like the new FIFA 15 trailer? Are you waiting for this game? Let us know in the comments below.