New FIFA 14 trailer tells more about next-gen game's versions

New FIFA 14 trailer tells more about next-gen game's versions by  4057 views

It is no coincidence that FIFA 14 has been included into Xbox One Day One edition, because this game really looks like the real project of the next generation. Today we would like to show you the new episode of the developers' videos, in which they tell us about the features of the next-gen FIFA 14.


This FIFA 14 trailer is about footballers' movements. In FIFA 14 Xbox One and PS4 versions, the developers have implemented 10 times more detailed and difficult animation that allows you to control and see each movement of the virtual football player. Now the characters on the screen move with greater agility and elegance, and you will be able to notice these changes using your next-gen console.

Each step of the footballer is recreated in the game. Each movement differs from the previous one. Even the biomechanics of shifting weight from one leg to another is taken into consideration. And according to the FIFA 14 trailer, the footballers really move much more realistic than before. Watch it by yourself!

We would like to remind you that yesterday we published new FIFA 14 screenshots that show the greatly redesigned footballers' faces.