New Dying Light update has returned the mods

New Dying Light update has returned the mods by  4082 views

Techland studio has launched another Dying Light update, which has returned the support of the mods to the game. Let us remind you that the previous patch blocked this option. According to the developers, it happened by mistake. And now, thanks to the latest patch, the players can create mods again without any difficulties. But there’s only one exception. The gamers are able to play only with those, who use the same mods as they do.

Besides the mentioned above problem, the latest Dying Light update has fixed some other bugs as well. Thus, for example, the usage of the RAM and the time of loading have decreased as well as the general performance of the project has gone up.

Also, patch 1.4.0 has:

  • eliminated the issue, which arose while reaching the 25th level of Survivor Rank;
  • fixed the bugs with connection in the Be the Zombie mode;
  • liquidated the problems with unlocking the certain achievements, disappearing of the ammos and the Personal Statistics menu;
  • added an ability of disabling the grain video effect;
  • fixed the issues with graphics, among which there are the textures with low resolution;
  • eliminated the problems in the project’s Linux version (the blurred image during the switching of the main menu, the troubles with sending the messages in the cross-platform game process).

The full list of fixes, which the new Dying Light update contains, can be found on the survival horror’s official page on Steam.

Let us remind you that currently Techland studio is working on the Hard Mode. It will be added to the project on all platforms - PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, the game’s creators are planning to release some free modification tools.