New details of the Fable Legends game have been revealed

New details of the Fable Legends game have been revealed by  3677 views

Recently Lionhead Studios has shared the news about working on several games, which genres are totally different from Fable’s one. But at this time new the Fable Legends game is also being under development for Xbox One. The start of the project has been announced in August 2013, and Lionhead Studios doesn’t forget to feed the fans’ interest with some fresh news. The other day new information about the battlefield actions has appeared on the official company’s forum.

The Fable Legends game tells a story about the conflict between legendary heroes and no less than legendary villains. Both classes are controlled by the players. But if you’re expecting the villain to fight the good guy face to face, than you’re wrong. From now he has a team of the evil creatures that will do all the dirty work for their master. According to the Lionhead’s community manager - Chris Hohbein, - the creatures, which are at the disposal of the villain, are totally different, including the most powerful ones. And while the hero doesn’t get a chance to fight the enemy toe-to-toe, he has to battle with the creatures’ army of the evil villain.

Besides that, the Fable Legends game for Xbox will have an option called SmartGlass. Thus, the players are able to manipulate the villains distantly. However Chris Hohbein has stressed that using a phone or a tablet is not compulsory, it only can help to improve your experience.

As for the release or at least the beta test date of the Fable Legends game - it still stays unknown. All we can do is wait for some fresh news from the developers.


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