New details about The Walking Dead game - Season Two

New details about The Walking Dead game - Season Two by  4363 views

If you have already played enough The Walking Dead: 400 Days, then you are probably terribly interested why there is no new information about the next part of this action-adventure - The Walking Dead 2. So here it is, and we are happy to share it with you.

Thus, during the international Comic-Con expo, which was held in San Diego, the game’s developers have shared the first information about the characters who will appear in the second season of the game. They will be Clementine and Kenny. If the appearance of a young girl isn’t be a big surprise for this action-adventure’s fans, then the appearance of Kenny in The Walking Dead game - Season Two is much more stunning, since his fate at the end of the first part caused a lot of questions. But at Comic-Con Telltale Games (the developer of this game series) has also mentioned that the fate of Kenny will be one of the subject of the exploration in the  second season of the game.


Although The Walking Dead game - Season Two is scheduled for the autumn of this year, so far, we know a little about the game, its characters or its new features. Maybe Telltale Games, deliberately hiding many details of the project, is going to surprise the fans of the popular The Walking Dead game series? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.