New details about the upcoming Destiny DLC have appeared

New details about the upcoming Destiny DLC have appeared by  3275 views

At the beginning of gamescom, Bungie announced the development of two Destiny DLCs. A little bit later, one of the company’s directors - Jonty Barnes - shared the detailed information about the future add-ons in his interview.

The release of the first Destiny DLC titled The Dark Below is scheduled for sometime in December. According to Barnes, it will bring to the game not only the additional weapons and armour, but also the totally new story missions and raids, about which we’ve told you before. The players will explore the unknown areas of the universe during the quests. But from time to time, they will run into gamers who don’t have the add-on and who are still going through the shooter’s main campaign. It’s the key feature of the upcoming Destiny DLCs. “We always want to create spaces where people can get together and cooperate, and we feel like that is a big innovation in Destiny”, - Jonty has said.

The second Destiny DLC titled House of Wolves has got neither the launch date nor the content details yet. However, according to the official information, Bungie isn’t going to stop supporting the game after the release of two abovementioned add-ons. Besides the probable sequel, the company is planning to expand the original shooter’s universe and add some new features. “We’re going to continuously update the game from now until the end of time. That’s always going to be part of the philosophy of Destiny”, - Barnes has stressed.

At the exhibition in Cologne, the developers have also presented the project’s new gameplay trailer, which let us take a look at the mysterious “red planet”:

Let us remind you that Destiny will hit PC, current and next-gen consoles very soon - on September 9th. According to the GameStop’s statistics, this shooter has become the most pre-ordered project in the shop’s history.