New Borderlands 2 hero will be Brick?

New Borderlands 2 hero will be Brick? by  5827 views
Gearbox Software company revealed teaser of the new Borderlands 2’ DLC , which will add another treasure hunter to the already existing list of heroes, at the Southwest Interactive conference.

 A melee character, that look like the hero with a strange name "Brick" from the original Borderlands was shown in the video. The video was accompanied with the following text:

"Deep beneath the surface of Pandora an "experiment " escaped from the lab. Bandits, beware! New vault hunter is on his way. More mayhem awaits! "


Randy Pitchford confirmed that soon they are going to release a large addition, although whether it will be free to the Season Pass owners is still not clear. Other details of the DLC you can try to find  by yourself in the teaser below.

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