New Beyond: Two Souls trailer and screenshots

New Beyond: Two Souls trailer and screenshots by  4253 views

We haven’t written anything about Beyond: Two Souls game for a long time, but today we are ready to tell you a lot of new information about the upcoming interactive drama action-adventure.

The game will be released in a month and the developers are doing everything possible so that we do not forget about it. So, yesterday they released fresh Beyond: Two Souls screenshots and artworks, where you will see the main character in different guises and at different ages. These colorful Beyond: Two Souls screenshots are something like Jodie’s life chronicle from her joyless childhood, spent in the laboratory because of her "gift", to military service in a special detachment and secret missions, which have brought her only a constant horror and a lot of deaths around her. So just look at these amazing arts and screenshots (all images, as always, are available in our FB community).


Quantic Dream has also pleased the fans of Beyond: Two Souls, by announcing that the demo of the game will be available on October 1 in the U.S.A and on the 2nd of October in Europe. A trial version of the game will include two scenarios. In the first one Jodi will be taking part in the experiment at the Department of the Paranormal Activities, during which her ​​invisible friend Aiden will show himself and his abilities. The second scenario is a kind of war between Jodie and the government agents, who need to capture and kill her. So if you're still not sure whether you want to buy the game or not, we suggest you to play the demo version before the Beyond: Two Souls release.

But that's not all. Today the developers of this action-adventure have published a 16 minutes long Beyond: Two Souls trailer, which is composed of different cut scenes from the gameplay, as well as some of the videos presented to the wide public earlier. This video, in our opinion, helps to understand what the future game is and how it will look like, so we strongly recommend you to watch this gorgeous Beyond: Two Souls trailer and leave your opinion about it at the bottom of the page.

We remind you that in USA Beyond: Two Souls game will be released on October 8, in Europe - on October 11 exclusively for PS3.