Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition is presented

Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition is presented by  4288 views

Last week we reported about Beyond: Two Souls demo and the opportunity to get earlier access to it, and today we want to tell you new information about the project.

So, a few days ago the publisher of this interactive drama action-adventure, Sony, announced Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition, which you can get by pre-ordering the game. This edition will include premium steelbook with the game, official soundtrack, exclusive videos of how the game was created, dynamic themes and avatars for PS3 and additional playable scene - "Advanced Experiments" (about which we are going to tell you today). Sony has also published a short video, which show us all these great bonuses.

According to information provided by Sony, "Advanced Experiments" is a thirty minutes long additional mission, in which Jodi and her supernatural friend Aiden will need to undergo a series of psychological tests. The purpose of these tests is to verify your rapid problem-solving skills in in high-pressure situations. Your success in this mission will depend on the speed of your response and the level of stress resistance. Do you want to test your mental processing and reactions? Then pre-order the game, get your Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition and test your skills!

We remind you that Beyond: Two Souls demo will officially start on October 2, and the game will be released on October 11 exclusively for PS3.