Beyond: Two Souls DLC is shown in video

Beyond: Two Souls DLC is shown in video by  4325 views

If you are a fan of the projects developed in the genre of interactive drama and you are mad keen on Beyond: Two Souls game, then today we have the good news about the first add-on to this amazing project. 

We are talking about Beyond: Two Souls DLC, titled Advanced Experiments, that previously was available only in the game’s Special Edition, but now you can buy it as a separate downloadable add-on for $4.99. If you have suddenly forgotten what this pack offers us, then we are happy to remind you that this DLC gives you the access to 30-minutes long additional mission, in which the protagonist (Jodi) and her supernatural friend (Aiden) will have to demonstrate their paranormal abilities. You, playing as Jodi, will have to undergo a series of different psychological tests, the goal of which is to identify your abilities to control yourself, your mind and your strength in a stressful situation. So if you interested in such kind of tests, then Advanced Experiments DLC is for you.

Also yesterday the project’s publisher - Sony - presented short Beyond: Two Souls trailer, in which we can see what awaits us in this add-on. So if you still have some doubts, whether to buy this pack or not, then you should watch Beyond: Two Souls trailer, which will be able to help you in the decision-making. Enjoy!  

Beyond: Two Souls game was launched in the early October exclusively for PS3.