New Alien: Isolation screenshots appeared in the network

New Alien: Isolation screenshots appeared in the network by  3078 views

The next instalment in Alien game series is going to be extremely creepy. If you don't believe us, then look at the fresh Alien: Isolation screenshots that appeared in the network yesterday. We are sure that you will shudder, walking alone around the scary space ship.

Alien: Isolation game will allow us to play a role of Amanda - Ellen Ripley's daughter. In the movies, the girl had only a bit part, but the game will show her as a protagonist. Amanda will be travelling around the boundless space and trying to find her mother. And of course, creepy and dangerous aliens will make her life pretty terrible.

New Alien: Isolation screenshots demonstrate several locations of the upcoming game. Here you will be able to see the spaceship's environment from different angles together with some torn apart robot. If you have always dreamed to see the guts of cyborg, then it is your chance:






Alien: Isolation game is coming to PC, next and current generations of consoles this year, but the exact release date hasn't been announced yet. And let us remind you that we are always happy to see your comments at the bottom of the page, and hope that this time you will tell us what you feel about new Alien: Isolation screenshots and the game itself.