Minecraft 1.4 release today!

Minecraft 1.4 release today! by  4203 views
Mojang have prepared a big pack 1.4 for their project Minecraft, which won a lot of players around the world. You can download a free trial version of the new update already today.

The update will improve the graphics, lighting and elements drawing, add some new monsters and the big boss - Wither. Also now the civilians will play more important part in the game, they will be able to give the tasks to the players and trade with them, and also they can be attacked by zombies. The bitten NPCs will become zombie people. There also will be more expanded range of animals and food. In the new patch we can have many functions, and content-based gameplay innovations that will be available to the players tomorrow.

Ubisoft will release a unique Minecraft mode, which will be identical to a forthcoming Far Cry 3. In it, we’ll see not only the new areas, but also meet familiar characters: Vaasa, Sitra and Jason, as well we will be able to find there about 50 game’s Easter eggs.

Release 1.4 is scheduled for October 24. Follow us!

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