Game of Thrones fans recreated it in Minecraft

Game of Thrones fans recreated it in Minecraft by  8478 views
True fans are capable to do everything. Whether their idol a man, a deed or even a book. Until recently, the series "Song of Fire and Ice" books by George RR Martin's were known only to fantasy literature fans, and a few of their friends, but after the first season of "Game of Thrones" based on the book in the world was a small nuclear explosion.


Crowds of new fans of this masterpiece have become ubiquitous in many different forms to express their enthusiasm for "Game of Thrones". Westeros Craft: Game of Thrones, so-called unique map created by players of Minecraft. Their goal is to recreate the most accurate copy of the world described by George Martin.


At the moment, ready most of the maps of Westeros, but work on improving the graphics and detail are still ongoing. Of course this job creators will not end, because there are still two of the continent and a lot of very important islands called free city.

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