Metro: Last Light Ranger diaries

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Rangers - are the volunteers who are sworn to protect the underground from huge amount of Metro: Last Light enemies. But no matter how brave, courageous and skillful these guys, but without good weapon and full equipment anybody can survive.

This part of the "Survival Guide" is devoted to ammunition and weapons customization. Even after a nuclear war, clean air is the most important human need. And since we are dealing with huge amounts of poisons and radiation around us, the protective mask and some extra filters for it - is the main guarantee of survival.


The second aspect of the necessities of life in Metro: Last Light is light. Although the shadows and are our allies, the darkness can hide deadly danger. Our flashlight has limited battery power, but, fortunately,we will sometimes be able to use a lighter as a source of light or in order to set fire to something.

And, of course, what ranger does not love a good weapon. Metro: Last Light will have a fairly large selection of firearms and bladed weapons, each of which can be modified in several ways to improve certain parameters.

Metro: Last Light release is scheduled for May 14, 2013 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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