Mass Effect will get new DLC?

Mass Effect will get new DLC? by  4313 views

Bioware is working on another one Mass Effect DLC, and even the developers are very excited because of it. Eight Bioware's story writers are involved in this process, and the scenario is going to be very emotional and dramatic. According to Sam Hulick - the composer of these series - who tweeted a shot message about new DLC the other day, the story will leave you in tears, and the tension will be very high.


And also another one star was noticed taking part in this project. Seth Green - the voice actor, who played the role of Normandy Pilot Joker, was on the recording session last week.

The developers are planning to release new DLC in a few month, and hope, it will really cool. Also we got the latest version of MEHEM - Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - special fan's mod, that changes the disappointing finale of Mass Effect 3:

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