Lost Planet 3 game has got new DLCs

Lost Planet 3 game has got new DLCs by  4698 views

Lost Planet 3 game, developed in the genre of third-person shooter, was released a month ago - at the end of August, and now its developers, Capcom company, have presented several packs with additional game content.

So, all extra content, previously available exclusively for those who have pre-ordered the game, is now divided into seven packs and now everyone can buy them. Here is a list of Lost Planet 3 DLCs, which you can already buy in the multiple Internet stores.

1) Map Pack 1 includes two multiplayer maps - Octagon and Spire. On the first one you will have to fight against Snow Pirates for an underground military base and don’t give them to sabotage your secret tests on Akrids. On the second map NEVEC and Snow Pirates will fight for dominance over a key strategic location high above the ground.

2) Map Pack 2 consists of two maps - Synapse and Inferno. On Synapse map you’ll have to travel to the depths of the planet, where you’ll fight against the crowds of Akrids for Thermal Energy that is capable of supporting the life on your base, and you’ll have to prevent the opposing team from stealing it. On Inferno you will need to do the same thing, but in a different location.

3) Map Pack 3 is also represented by two multiplayer maps: Convoy Chasm and Siege. On the first map you, being a member of NEVEC team, will have to escort a battle cat through a mountain pass, and if you choose the side of Snow Pirates, then you will need to prevent NEVEC from getting through the Chasm. On Siege map the latest ones will attack NEVEC’s military base, then will have to steal Thermal Energy and get out as quickly as possible. Nevec will have to protect its place of deployment.

4) Freedom Fighter Pack consists of five playable characters for multiplayer (Grace Peyton, Hunk, Jenette Diaz the Lost Contractor, LP1 Gale Holden, Phil Braddock).

5) Punisher Pack has three additional weapons.

6) Assault Pack: three close-range multiplayer weapons.

7) Survival Pack includes all the content of the last three add-ons.

The price of the first four Lost Planet 3 DLCs is $4.99, the next three ones cost $1.49, and you can buy Survival Pack for $2.99.

We’d like to remind you that Lost Planet 3 game was released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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